Tongue Piercings

If you want to have a piercing that is unique and makes you look bold and courageous, then a tongue piercing is for you. It may look too painful and hard to get, but that is not true. They do not hurt much when compared with some other piercings. Want to know more about tongue piercings? Want to know about pros-cons, healing time, aftercare & how much do they cost? Let us tell you everything about tongue piercings in detail.

the multiple tongue piercing

Double Tongue Piercing

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double tongue piercing page

A Double Tongue Piercing is two or more separate perforations on the tongue, which may be horizontally or vertically allowing you to wear separate jewelry, i.e. barbells. In Double Tongue Piercing, you have two separate perforations. You can always get the perforations on the tongue wherever you want, and their location may vary.


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Snake Eyes Piercing

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Snake Eyes Piercing is the piercing on the tip of the tongue in which a barbell horizontally goes through the tongue. Snake Eyes Piercing also is known as horizontal tongue piercing, which becomes visible as you open your mouth. According to several piercing professionals, Snake Eyes Lip Piercing is said to be highly not recommended. There are reasons behind it, but the way it looks and changes the personality has become famous among both genders.


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Tongue Web Piercing

tongue frenulum piercing page

tongue web piercing page

Tongue Web Piercing or Tongue Frenulum Piercing is a piercing on the Frenulum, which is a thin connectivity tissue between the tongue and floor of the mouth. This piercing is only visible when you raise your tongue to show it to someone.


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Venom Piercing

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Venom Piercing is a double tongue piercing in which two horizontal perforations are made on the tongue that is symmetrical. Due to its resemblance with venom teeth of a snake, it is also called venom bites.


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